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Has Rebecca died? Or maybe should we expect the unexpected?

Continuation of “The Twelve Doors” series. NOW IN ENGLISH! #1 bestseller in Spain, Mexico and the United States (Spanish Version). #1 bestseller historical thriller and mystery series in Spain for the last two years. More than 600.000 readers.

IMPORTANT: This is the seventh book of the saga. You need to read the previous six books, all available on Amazon.

Two stories narrated in parallel. The first one is about the Holy Inquisition in Spain, where the main characters are the European humanists Luis Vives, among Erasmus of Rotterdam and Thomas More. All the characters lived in their time period, and every narrated fact occurred in reality. The second story stars a group of friends from the actual Valencia that discover that the mystery they thought was solved, in reality, has just started.

Their main characters are the historian Rebecca Mercader, if she is still alive, and her mysterious friend Carlota Penella, whose fame has surpassed the novel series itself. It isn’t strange because they are among the most Intelligent women in Europe.

The reader changes the story every 7-8 pages. Different characters and tales are separated by more than six hundred years. It looks like two novels in one. The reader starts asking himself, why am I reading two stories with no apparent connections? The simple answer is that you will figure it out if you keep reading. Maybe they have more connections than you think, and nothing is what it seems.

Mystery, thriller and real history, a cocktail that makes the universe of ‘The Twelve Doors’ a novel series that is entertaining and easy to read that won’t allow you to put the book down.

(Valencia, Spain, 1966, currently living in IRELAND)
An excerpt from an interview from Tribuna Libre

QUESTION: It’s the seventh novel in the saga of The Twelve Doors, what should we expect? And don’t tell me the unexpected, because I know you well enough…
ANSWER: Hahaha, that was going to be my answer. Actually, the title says it all. Very important questions that the reader doesn’t expect are discovered, and they will determine the end of the saga, in the next book, ‘The Final Mystery.’
Q: What does that mean exactly?
A: That the time has come, as Carlota would say, to fit all the pieces of the puzzle. You will have to follow the multitude of clues that I have been leaving you throughout the saga and order them. Will you be able to do it?
Q: Do you doubt it?
A: I am sure my readers are very intelligent, but as in all sagas, as we get closer to the end, things may not be what they seem, as Abraham Lunel would say.
Q: Do you dare to challenge your readers? It is very bold.
A: I pick up the gauntlet and accept the challenge. I’m sure that very few imagine the end. And I say few, to avoid saying none.
Q: Are you referring to this novel or the end of the saga?
A: This novel is already part of the ending and I don’t think they even know who, in fact, is pulling the strings of the whole saga. For that, I’m afraid, they will have to wait for the final earthquake.

Who “pulls the strings” in the whole saga?
We are approaching the end…


“The Twelve Doors is the best saga of thrillers I have read in ten years. With simple language that manages to keep you in suspense until the last line. You finish a chapter and you need to read the next one. Vicente Raga it’s a real find."

Harald Brook

Tribuna Libre

“Sell more than Ken Follet last Christmas in Spain is far from the reach of many. In my house, there isn’t one that hasn’t read it, even my three sons. Dynamic narrative and a documented novel. Very recommendable.” 

Roberto Marín

Florida Books

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