Vicente Raga


Graduated in Law, Master in Business Administration (MBA) in Madrid and, for a year, studied at a business school in London. He is the CEO of a successful Spanish business consultancy and speaks five languages.

And you are a politician?

“Having been a councilor in my city of residence for more than six years was vocational and unpaid. I felt I had to give back to society a small part of what had been given to me. I hate social injustice. I consider myself lucky and you must be generous with others,” he says.  A part of his income goes to various social organizations.

And now a writer?

“At the age of fourteen, studying in England, I already won a modest literary contest for adults, with a mystery novel. I write almost daily and collaborate with different media but had never published a novel. Now, I published eleven and will soon be fourteen and international editions in other languages.  I’m also producing audiobooks so that people with hearing difficulties can listen to my stories.”

Compulsive reader and writer, inveterate traveler, politician, consultant, and a long etcetera, do you have any free time?

“Of course, my family is very important to me. I sleep just five hours per day, so I can afford it.”

Does anyone dare to define Vicente Raga?

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